Cheat Sheet (备忘单) Linux 常用 Command

The cheat sheet is as a useful command reference for this module.


Command(命令) Description(描述)
 man <tool> Opens man pages for the specified tool.(打开指定工具的手册页。)
<tool> -h Prints the help page of the tool.(打印工具的帮助页面。)
apropos <keyword> Searches through man pages’ descriptions for instances of a given keyword.(在手册页的描述中搜索给定关键字的实例。)
cat Concatenate and print files.(连接和打印文件。)
whoami Displays current username.(显示当前用户名。)
id Returns users identity.(返回用户身份。)
hostname Sets or prints the name of the current host system.(设置或打印当前主机系统的名称)
uname Prints operating system name.(打印操作系统名称。)
pwd Returns working directory name.(返回工作目录名称。)
ifconfig The ifconfig utility is used to assign or view an address to a network interface and/or configure network interface parameters.(该 ifconfig 实用程序用于分配或查看网络接口的地址和 / 或配置网络接口参数。)
ip Ip is a utility to show or manipulate routing, network devices, interfaces, and tunnels.(Ip 是一种显示或操作路由、网络设备、接口和隧道的实用程序。)
netstat Shows network status.(显示网络状态。)
ss Another utility to investigate sockets.(另一个调查套接字的实用程序。)
ps Shows process status.(显示进程状态。)
who Displays who is logged in.(显示谁登录了。)
env Prints environment or sets and executes a command.(打印环境或设置并执行命令。)
lsblk Lists block devices.(列出块设备。)
lsusb Lists USB devices.(列出 USB 设备。)
lsof Lists opened files.(列出打开的文件。)
lspci Lists PCI devices.(列出 PCI 设备。)
sudo Execute command as a different user.(以不同的用户身份执行命令。)
su The su utility requests appropriate user credentials via PAM and switches to that user ID (the default user is the superuser). A shell is then executed.(该 su 实用程序通过 PAM 请求适当的用户凭证并切换到该用户 ID(默认用户是超级用户)。然后执行 shell。)
useradd Creates a new user or update default new user information.(创建新用户或更新默认的新用户信息。)
userdel Deletes a user account and related files.(删除用户帐户和相关文件。)
usermod Modifies a user account.(修改用户帐户。)
addgroup Adds a group to the system.(向系统添加一个组。)
delgroup Removes a group from the system.(从系统中删除一个组。)
passwd Changes user password.(更改用户密码。)
dpkg Install, remove and configure Debian-based packages.(安装、删除和配置基于 Debian 的软件包。)
apt High-level package management command-line utility.(高级包管理命令行实用程序。)
aptitude Alternative to apt.(替代apt.)
snap Install, remove and configure snap packages.(安装、删除和配置 snap 包。)
gem Standard package manager for Ruby.(Ruby 的标准包管理器。)
pip Standard package manager for Python.(Python 的标准包管理器。)
git Revision control system command-line utility.(修订控制系统命令行实用程序。)
systemctl Command-line based service and systemd control manager.(基于命令行的服务和 systemd 控制管理器。)
ps Prints a snapshot of the current processes.(打印当前进程的快照。)
journalctl Query the systemd journal.(查询 systemd 日志。)
kill Sends a signal to a process.(向进程发送信号。)
bg Puts a process into background.(将进程置于后台。)
jobs Lists all processes that are running in the background.(列出在后台运行的所有进程。)
fg Puts a process into the foreground.(将进程置于前台。)
curl Command-line utility to transfer data from or to a server.(用于从服务器传输数据或向服务器传输数据的命令行实用程序。)
wget An alternative to curl that downloads files from FTP or HTTP(s) server.(替代方法 curl 是从 FTP 或 HTTP(s) 服务器下载文件。)
python3 -m http.server Starts a Python3 web server on TCP port 8000.(在 TCP 端口 8000 上启动 Python3 Web 服务器。)
ls Lists directory contents.(列出目录内容。)
cd Changes the directory.(更改目录。)
clear Clears the terminal.(清除终端。)
touch Creates an empty file.(创建一个空文件。)
mkdir Creates a directory.(创建一个目录。)
tree Lists the contents of a directory recursively.(递归地列出目录的内容。)
mv Move or rename files or directories.(移动或重命名文件或目录。)
cp Copy files or directories.(复制文件或目录。)
nano Terminal based text editor.(基于终端的文本编辑器。)
which Returns the path to a file or link.(返回文件或链接的路径。)
find Searches for files in a directory hierarchy.(在目录层次结构中搜索文件。)
updatedb Updates the locale database for existing contents on the system.(为系统上的现有内容更新语言环境数据库。)
locate Uses the locale database to find contents on the system.(使用语言环境数据库查找系统上的内容。)
more Pager that is used to read STDOUT or files.(用于读取 STDOUT 或文件的寻呼机。)
less An alternative to more with more features.(more具有更多功能的替代方案。)
head Prints the first ten lines of STDOUT or a file.(打印 STDOUT 或文件的前十行。)
tail Prints the last ten lines of STDOUT or a file.(打印 STDOUT 或文件的最后十行。)
sort Sorts the contents of STDOUT or a file.(对 STDOUT 或文件的内容进行排序。)
grep Searches for specific results that contain given patterns.(搜索包含给定模式的特定结果。)
cut Removes sections from each line of files.(从每行文件中删除部分。)
tr Replaces certain characters.(替换某些字符。)
column Command-line based utility that formats its input into multiple columns.(基于命令行的实用程序,可将其输入格式化为多列。)
awk Pattern scanning and processing language.(模式扫描和处理语言。)
sed A stream editor for filtering and transforming text.(用于过滤和转换文本的流编辑器。)
wc Prints newline, word, and byte counts for a given input.(打印给定输入的换行符、单词和字节计数。)
chmod Changes permission of a file or directory.(更改文件或目录的权限。)
chown Changes the owner and group of a file or directory.(更改文件或目录的所有者和组。)
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